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I am a portrait/editorial photographer based in Bronx, NY. My love for photography began at a very early age with baseball trading cards. I loved how those images on the trading cards froze the action of my then favorite sport, baseball. I was never happy truly happy with the images used for my favorite players trading cards, so at that point I thought it would be cool idea when I grew older if I were able to photograph my favorite players and make my own trading cards with my images or possibly see my images on official trading cards.

When I reached my teen years, the mid 1990’s, I would borrow my fathers 35mm Nikon camera along with his telephoto lens. I would purchase multiple rolls of film along with single seat tickets to a baseball game. That is when I tried to live out my one of my boyhood dreams.

During this same time I was a good baseball player myself, so I put down the camera and tried my hand at becoming a professional player. At the point I stopped taking pictures and gave up the idea of becoming a professional photographer. Midway in 2013 while shooting photos of E-sports/competitive gaming events, I know it as the Fighting Game Community or "FGC" for short. This is when I developed my love for photography again.

I received an award from Twin Galaxies founder Walter Day for my contributions in photography and to the global video game culture. A plaque with my award hangs in the Art Gallery Exhibit, ICON Gallery in Fairfield Iowa.

A trading card series from Twin Galaxies was also produced featuring my images taken while covering the FGC. I guess my childhood dream came true after all, in some manner.

My images have been licensed for use for advertisement of local NYC store fronts as well as the development of webpages as seen in the link below


My images have also graced the front cover and pages of print magazines such as,  international magazine iMagazine, (based in Poland), Kotaku USA Magazine and Cosplay Culture. 

I am also a staff photographer for Cosplay Culture Magazine. My duties include, covering conventions with my photography but most importantly, capturing images of the amazing cosplayers in attendance. My images can be seen in the following issues listed below. 

B&H Photo Video Pro Audio also featured me on their Youtube channel. Click on the link below to view the video 

Comic Con from Cosplay to Photography

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I have been hired to photograph personal portraits, family portraits, new born/baby portraits, landscapes, street photography, live events, fashion shows, parties and music advertisement campaigns.

I have been hired as the official photographer for conventions such as Youmacon which is held in Detroit, MI from 2013 through present day. Wintercon 2014 held in NYC and Big Apple Con also held in NYC and many other conventions held throughout the year in the northeast. I also have been hired to cover New York Comic Com for Eventhubs.com. I recently was selected to be of one the official photographers for one of the largest running convention organizers, Wizard World.

Can you trust me with a project? Yes you can. I take my craft seriously and I want to provide the best experience but most importantly, produce the best photographs for my clients. I know the importance of capturing that moment in time so that it can be displayed for all to see and relived over and over.

Please take a tour of my site and view samples of my images, as seen in the slide show below, that I have photographed over the past 2 years.

Clients Include

Regal Entertainment

MVM Realty Associate LLC

Soul36NYCScaring | Hollenbeck

Hotsy Totsy